Pinterest: Pinning your way to Valentine’s Day

Using Pinterest to your advantage

                According to a study by Sharaholic, Pinterest drove more referral traffic to sites in January than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. What is it about this website that is making it the next hottest trend in social media and sharing?

Here are a few things you might not know: Pinterest was launched almost two years ago as a virtual “pinboard,” or a “web-based corkboard,” but it didn’t reach its peak of popularity until 2012. The site does require an invite to start pinning, but it does not cost money. This site is quietly working its way into becoming a leading force on the internet.

In its beginning stages, the site developed a devoted fan base– most of which were women– and the site grew as users pinned their favorite items from all over the web onto this one website.

Pinterest allows you can create your own boards; everything you can imagine can be pinned to your virtual boards, from your favorite hair styles to a pair of shoes you would like to one day buy. For example, if you are a food lover, you might create a board called “Recipes to Try,” and pin all things food related to this board.

Pinterest is mostly dominated by home decor, recipes, and fashion, but there is something to be found for any interest you might have.  Whether you are an art-fanatic, or a lover of inspirational quotes, you can create a board devoted to that particular interest, and then pin any picture or item to that board. You can re-pin items that you find on your home page that your friends have posted, or you can create your own pin if you happen to find an item on a different website and want to be able to access it again. It’s kind of like having your own little organized file cabinet, filled with all things that appeal to you.

This site is catchy because it pulls together the features that have shaped the online social world as we know it. It fits into the social media by letting you follow your friends, and letting them follow you, in a similar fashion to Tumblr or Twitter. It adapts to the blogging world because it follows the same rules of blogging and re-blogging; it is a plethora of shared ideas from one person to the next. It also is visually stimulating, creating a web site that may soon dominate how we share ideas and thoughts.

     Now, how does this play into Valentine’s Day? This is the part where all you men pay attention! Okay guys, chances are, your special someone has a Pinterest account by now. Ask her how it works, and see if she will show you what all she is pinning! If not, you can always stalk her Pinterest account and try to find her yourself, but that might be a little weird (this is not an endorsement for stalking, FYI).

Regardless, once you see what she is pinning, you will have gift ideas that she actually wants! Keep an eye out for a board that features her “likes,” “wants,” or “her style.” You might even find boards on books she likes, her favorite movies, or artwork she has pinned. Once you can see the products she is pinning, you have opened the door to the greatest gift giving idea file cabinet in the world! It’s almost like you can actually see what she is thinking. So guys, if you think Pinterest isn’t for you… you just wait. Check it out!


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